What Would You Do If You Are Not Afraid​?

What Would You Do If You Are Not Afraid? I read this question in a book in which the author asks a group of women what they would do if they were not afraid and the answers are astounding. Some want to start a business. Some want to travel the world. And some even wantContinue reading “What Would You Do If You Are Not Afraid​?”

Quarter-Life-Crisis Much?

The first thing you should know before you start reading this is that “Quarter-Life Crisis”is very real. And once you stop rolling your eyes and telling me that I will miss my “twenties”, the metabolism that comes with it and the fact that I don’t have to set alarms for changing diapers, sit down andContinue reading “Quarter-Life-Crisis Much?”

This Is Why One Should Travel: You Might Know, What Home Is

Travel. Travel because cupcakes don’t taste the same everywhere. The taste of roasted pork or chicken with lemon grass. Peanut butter shakes that freeze in your palms and donuts that melt in your mouth.The fragrance of jasmine rice topped with a beautiful green curry. Sample the best dumplings in the world and still miss home aContinue reading “This Is Why One Should Travel: You Might Know, What Home Is”

To Those Of You Starting Your First Job,

Breathe. The first time you start a full-time job or enter the corporate world, there is a good chance that you will feel like an idiot. You will think that everyone except you knows exactly what is going on. Give it time. You will eventually realize that nobody knows too much anyway. Play along andContinue reading “To Those Of You Starting Your First Job,”