A Letter To My Daughter On Heartbreaks,

    The first time you complained a little too much about the boy who made fun of your braces and at the same time took a few minutes longer to get ready to school, I knew that you were smitten. I don’t think either of us remember his name right now. And that is preciselyContinue reading “A Letter To My Daughter On Heartbreaks,”

And What The Vows Should Say.. !

Till death do us part. Or, maybe not. Wedding vows if you ask me, need not be about forevers. Promise to make each other’s sandwich with extra mayonnaise and never be stingy when it comes to love or chocolate spread. Promise to know by-heart how many spoons of sugar they like to take with theirContinue reading “And What The Vows Should Say.. !”

The Honeymoon Phase

He can’t possibly break my heart. Staring at uninterrupted nothings and smiling, just because. Sweet-nothings, pounding anticipation and impulsive blushes. Waking up to a text from you and sleeping to the sound of your voice. Racing heartbeats and occasional hand-holding. I am going to pretend that I like superhero movies. I love being around you,Continue reading “The Honeymoon Phase”

Why We Will Never Be Ready For Love

And this is why we will never be ready for love. There will be that promotion we have been waiting for, the interview that scares us or maybe he already has a girlfriend. Love could be in another city while we are backpacking across the globe in wanderlust. We think we are too young toContinue reading “Why We Will Never Be Ready For Love”