I remember a little framed quote that I always used to keep at my desk. It read “If your heart was really broken, you would die.” It was a constant reminder to my no-nonsense cynical self that a heartbreak was not that painful. Heartbroken to me was nothing but a theatrical misconception that a stoned … More Heart-Broken

Swept off my feet

A random Monday afternoon.  When I was busy making other plans. When I was busy telling myself that the timing was so wrong. When I was engrossed in a book. When I wasn’t looking for someone. When I already had someone. When I knew it was so wrong. When I didn’t have the strength to … More Swept off my feet

The Honeymoon Phase

He can’t possibly break my heart. Staring at uninterrupted nothings and smiling, just because. Sweet-nothings, pounding anticipation and impulsive blushes. Waking up to a text from you and sleeping to the sound of your voice. Racing heartbeats and occasional hand-holding. I am going to pretend that I like superhero movies. I love being around you, … More The Honeymoon Phase

Madras Musings

Vanakkam. To all of you who has ever asked me, “What does Chennai have”? I don’t know about you, but to me and to all of us who call this city home, Madras has a whole lot of things.It is home, after all. Madras was the first man I fell in love with. The gusty … More Madras Musings