And, Life Happened!

Just a year ago, for a few of us there were good things in store and for a few just unreasonable expectations to shoulder. It seemed improbable that we would be happy in a place that was not school.  Amidst waiting for my results, filling up application forms and moving forward with life there wasContinue reading “And, Life Happened!”

The meek lambs of Tamil cinema

An independent educated woman, Yamini, meets her date’s best friend, Karthik, who abuses her with derogatory words the first time he meets her. Despite all these abuses, Karthik and Yamini end up getting married because of the strong attraction that draws them to each other. In the first half of the movie, every woman inContinue reading “The meek lambs of Tamil cinema”

The untold tale behind every book!

I went to a book exhibition that had a few thousand second hand books stacked up in an old room. It was like a fairyland to anybody who loves books.I took a minute to take in the musty redolent smell of paper and ink that filled the room. Have you ever walked into a secondContinue reading “The untold tale behind every book!”