To Those Of You Starting Your First Job,

Breathe. The first time you start a full-time job or enter the corporate world, there is a good chance that you will feel like an idiot. You will think that everyone except you knows exactly what is going on. Give it time. You will eventually realize that nobody knows too much anyway. Play along andContinue reading “To Those Of You Starting Your First Job,”

Why We Will Never Be Ready For Love

And this is why we will never be ready for love. There will be that promotion we have been waiting for, the interview that scares us or maybe he already has a girlfriend. Love could be in another city while we are backpacking across the globe in wanderlust. We think we are too young toContinue reading “Why We Will Never Be Ready For Love”

The Second Time You Fall In Love

“Because love is not instagram to always show you in the best possible light. It is messy and ugly like the unfiltered snap chats you send your best friend” The first thing you should know about the second time you fall in love is that it will be very different. The first time you fellContinue reading “The Second Time You Fall In Love”

I Don’t Want a Fairy Tale Ending With You

I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you. I grew up listening to Cinderella, Rapunzel and many other tales of happily ever after and believed that life would be perfect if I could wear a pretty dress and hold your gaze forever. These stories never told me that there will be misunderstandings, arguments, pain,Continue reading “I Don’t Want a Fairy Tale Ending With You”

A Letter to the Girl Who Is Dating My Best Friend

I know you are intimidated by me. And, guess what?  It is OK to feel that way. I know that it bothers you when you know that I am part of almost every memory he has, both good and bad. I know that he tells you stories from his life that always seem to involve me. I alsoContinue reading “A Letter to the Girl Who Is Dating My Best Friend”