The first thing you should know before you start reading this is that “Quarter-Life Crisis”is very real.

And once you stop rolling your eyes and telling me that I will miss my “twenties”, the metabolism that comes with it and the fact that I don’t have to set alarms for changing diapers, sit down and I will tell you all about my Quarter Life Crisis.

We were supposed to graduate, find a great job, preferably get picked by the CEO to run the company or at least win a few awards or scholarships. Did I miss the overrated soul-mate cliché?

My bad.

When you graduate, you feel like a little snowflake in a dessert. The world needs you

Three weeks into your first job and you start to realize that 90% of the meetings that you would probably attend for about 80% of your life can go on smoothly even if you dropped dead right in the middle of the said meeting.

Your twenties is probably your first real exposure to this harsh world.

One minute you want to quit your job because you want to go out there and change the world. And fifteen seconds later reality hits you and you decide to be grateful because they serve free coffee at work. The perks of being in the corporate world.



Your twenties is also the time when you understand that no technology is sophisticated enough until we can treat some people like software updates. They should come with a “Remind me later “or a “Never Remind me “option.

Not that real technology is very helpful when you are on social media all the time.

For instance, let’s take Facebook.

Is that your childhood friend with a display picture in Paris? Scroll down.

Mental note to self: Do not stalk your ex’s girlfriend. And even if you do, do not let these slippery touch phones trick you into liking a picture from forever ago. DO NOT. Scroll down.

He’s not even that funny but everyone seems to “ROFL” for his status.  Close Facebook.

You realize what they meant by “A picture is worth a thousand words” when you find #soulmate, #bliss, #blessed, and #travel on Instagram. It is when you realize that an empty fridge and your friends #bestchocolatecakeeverrrrr is not really helping, you just #shutyourphone and listen to music.

You don’t stop with just listening to music but also update what song you are currently listening to on Facebook only to find that not even 1/10th of the people who liked and ROFL at “not-so-funny guys” status want to know what is playing in your I-pod.

This world is unbelievable. *Grabs tissues* 


Let’s talk about the real world for a change.

Twenties is the time when everyone wants to know “What do you really want to do?”

And here you are, a naïve child, asking the world “What do I want to do? Like now or next week?”

Some people go to the extent of modifying the question and ask you things like “Who are you?”or “What really motivates you?”

Really. I am just a girl with small dreams and a desire to look good without an Instagram filter 

The only time your social calendar is booked three weeks in advance is when you have to attend the wedding of a relative you haven’t met in forever and its funny that people want you to make five year plan. Forget it. You don’t even have a plan to survive the next five day week. 

You just snort at anyone who says the word “marriage” because we both know that keeping a goldfish alive feels like responsibility.

And marriage?  I can’t even figure out how to file my tax returns unless it comes with a colourful instruction manual (not too colourful because then it’s just going to distract me!)



It is at this point that older people who care for you want to hug you and say “It is all going to be okay when you follow your passion”.

Seriously, who came up with that one anyway?

“What are you passionate about?”is something every twenty year old is asked at least once a week.

I want to sit these people down and ask them if there is any way I can make a living out of the Ballet.

Of course, the most exposure I have to Ballet is the Black Swan. But, nothing is impossible when you are young right?

That is probably the one statement that puts pressure on so many of us. The idea that nothing is impossible when and only when you are young and that the time to do everything is RIGHT NOW! 

I choose to differ.

I want to tell all the snowflakes reading this that some things are impossible. Not everyone is meant to go out there and change the world and live the perfect life. Not immediately anyway.

Also, nobody is as happy as they look on instagram. Don’t worry.

Stay Put. Breathe. And don’t listen to twenty year old’s who say they do Yoga. Nobody is that classy.

And it is okay if you mess up, think that you don’t measure up to the imperfect standards they set and feel like the only constant passion in your life is the sweet onion sauce on your sub.

It is okay.

And I want you to remember that it is okay because as much as quarter-life sucks and that’s just the way it is, I hear things are worse on the other side.

Good-luck as you graduate from your twenties!