A Sincere Apology if you think that Leggings are an abuse of Indian culture..

I am a twenty something strong woman who is financially independent and well-qualified. I am also fair skinned and I never imagined that a time would come for fair skinned women in our society to apologize for something, but the day is here.

My parents always told me that being a “Good girl” meant getting good grades and achieving my ambitions. They clearly misguided me.

What is the point in chasing my dreams when my wardrobe is filled with leggings of different colors? That too white leggings and body colored leggings.


How could I forget that it is a gross violation of Indian culture to wear body hugging clothes? Didn’t Krishna tell Arjuna on the battlefield that the most important lesson he had to learn was to police the women in his house and make sure they never wore leggings? I believe Bhagavad Gita has also linked the end of the world to women wearing leggings.


While we talk about Indian culture, along with my leggings, let’s also burn every copy of Kamasutra and demolish all the beautiful naked sculptures that adorn our temples

We complain about rapes, but really, what else other than our clothes can provoke men?

It doesn’t matter that two year old babies are raped and eighty year old women are raped. It all has to do something with the clothes we wear.

We have state owned alcohol shops that are a step away from temples and scarcely clad women summoned by politicians to dance on the roads in order to inaugurate every important state-led function (I still fail to see the connection!).

However, it is my leggings that abolishes our Indian culture.

If journalism has stooped so low that they have to police my wardrobe to find content, I cannot mention how proud I am of the society that we live in.

In our society, it is okay that women’s breasts and curves are used to sell everything from a shampoo to a sports bike. It is when a girl’s dress is lifted up because of the wind, she becomes the ultimate epitome of obscenity.

At the risk of having culturally rich content on my blog, I am sharing a picture of an article that Kumudham had posted. For those of you who cannot read the title, it loosely translates to “The Kiss given by Kamal” although the reporters perverse creative power is lost in translation.


We all can clearly see how decent this magazine is and going by the title of this article they have posted, they are absolutely over-qualified to be talking about culture.

On a completely serious note, I am appalled and disgusted at how journalists can stoop so low to sell just a few more copies. I urge you all to share this and protest against journalists who think that they can objectify anything and anyone just for the sake of money.

We demand an apology from the magazine, but more than that we should stop buying this magazine. What belongs to trash has no place on a bookshelf. 

We are not trying to create free publicity for them, rather we are trying to ensure that such exploitation against women does not go unnoticed and ignored!

And once again, I want to convey my sincere apologies. I apologize to anyone who thinks that leggings are an abuse of Indian culture and that this is the fault of women. I apologize for your lack of common sense and complete ignorance. 

Published by Nandhitha Hariharan

Fiercely feminist and Hopelessly romantic - I oscillate between writing about the world around me and articulating what is going in my head.

17 thoughts on “A Sincere Apology if you think that Leggings are an abuse of Indian culture..

  1. wow…awesome post…this article is like slap on the face for all those morons out there who think leggings provoke them…If they feel legings provoke them, then all I can only say is they are “that desprate”…

  2. well said, well written article.
    there are so many issues to resolve around world, but they always care about women leggings.

    The same people only worried on sania mizra short skirt, she bagged Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna.

  3. Well said. For them women are a toy.
    They think they can comment,rape,play and do everything else with a woman .
    Now the clothes we wear also is a problem to them. We surely demand an apology.
    Good initiative 👍🏻
    Keep it up..

  4. And thats what people say wearing leggeing is so very proviking ! There was this whatsapp vedio that was high on net, lecturing women to wear “decent clothes” which was so very degrading ! Is this a men’s sickness or is it our fault? Women are not dolls enclaved in clothes. We have our own taste and freedom to live and just because few men coo off our rights it doesn’t mean we should stay calm! RISE INDIA RISE !

  5. Great reply.. Nadhitha, I am proud of you.. We need such women to point the worthy of a girl in the soceity.. Good work..

  6. Lots of anger piled up there and with good reason, girl. Like one of the others from my fraternity said, it would be quite a sight to sit in on their editorial meetings. Just a tad bit on the defensive, there are journalists in the media who are trying to change the face of it as well by bringing out those good things in life. Perhaps, they are a handful, but being in the perceived minority, I suggest you don’t generalise on Indian journalism so freely. Do not see this as defending this mindless, insensitive piece of so-called writing, but as a comment in the general context. 🙂

  7. Rightly said. Why have we become such a moral police? Our culture, centuries ago was so free of all these nincompoops in our society. We should wear, eat, drink however we want to. At least that’s freedom for me. Not the 15th August parade at Delhi parade grounds.

  8. “Never imagined that a time would come for Fair skinned women in our society to apologize for something, but the day is here.” Fair skinned, really? That’s something you be proud of, at least in India! But still you ll be called as Black by people from UK, Tan/dark skinned by Americans, why that far even Chinese, Japanese, Malaysians and most Asian countries ll still call you dark!

    Wow!! That’s really great! So the ultimate transgressor is the Wind that lifted those innocent girls dress and that becomes epitome of obscenity! Wow Epic. I’m expecting more!!
    The pic you posted reveals a lot and men should act applaud by looking at their jiggling flashy icky bu**s and b***S , if not tag them as Male chauvinist!
    It has become bandwagon to rebuke men for the way women dress! Men should blithe it (even when women flashes directly/indirectly) and act applaud by looking at their jiggling flashy b***s and bu**S , if not tag them as Male chauvinist! I agree some good hearted women still don’t like flashy clothes but tag them as old school/slave mindset women! Some smart ladies even claim that women should be safe even if they go naked in public! Really? Even in forest they can’t be! If you know what it means.

    And this lady has stated to burn every copy of Kamasutra and demolish all the beautiful naked sculptures that adorn in SOME (that counts less than 2% of entire sculptures in India) Temples, Even if we burn and demolish will it make us all good? Or why tautness soo much, just vanish all porn site or even simpler block all those porn website, strangely Mr. Modi did that blocked some 780 porn websites but it didn’t last long (I don’t support Mr. Modi any ways) as many SMART people apposed it/protested that they can’t live a happy life without watching porn and don’t blame that its Only men protested for it, that’s not the truth! Porn sites panoply women as dolls/sex toys, almost all porn does that extensively but strangely feminist are not offended by that!

    For those ladies who think “It doesn’t matter that two year old babies are raped and eighty year old women are raped. It all has to do something with the clothes we wear.” Really? Most certainly a man won’t plan to rape by looking at a two year/two months old baby! Something needs to be realized. Like a Volcano erection, which doesn’t instigate and erupt in an single day. Studies have found men who unhurriedly exposed to titillation can result in cataclysm. I’m not telling rape is women’s fault, but some women fuel the burgeon heinous in men and some men turns out in complete abaddon, simply put some women flashes customarily and some innocent women becomes prey. If you ask are men animals? Yes we are! Not only men, women too we humans are animals its our Two million years old evolution. We can’t deny it just because we have fast (KFC, Mc Donalds, etc) food chains, use iphones n google maps today!

    I won’t say “Rape is not a crime, its just a surprise sex” as modern lady Ms. Sunny leone did(I wonder what would happen if the same was stated by a man, for sure he would become the Headline for the next couple of weeks on every news channels, articles and jail him n of course some smart people will do their part online abuse his family as much as possible. But that’s done by a women so lets forget it),

    These days it has become very prosaic/even quotidian for men to look at women upper, back, curves and etc as their clothes reveals a lot! Even we like it or not we gotta squint at it, No choice else have to blindfold completely when we go public and have to collide with the apposing vehicle/fall from stair/no pedestrian walk and even devotional places are no exemption! That’s the naked truth!

    And many women claims “It’s a women choice what to wear or to be naked” we agree with that but that’s when you are in your enclosed room, but when in public we gotta be little placid. Some even compare that “A lady can wear short skirt in USA but why not in India?” Even in USA these Leggings are banned for High school and college girls as they reveal a lot and US Govt. have stated clearly that “It reveals a lot, provoking kind clothes and Distracts others” and gets very raunchy, it reveals a lot more than those jiggling stuffs even panty liner, color and sometimes even more icky. So they have banned legging! At least in America they did that but not in India! Even in India its getting much worst!

    As stated “When a girl’s dress is lifted up because of the wind, she becomes the ultimate epitome of obscenity.”
    So the ultimate transgressor is the Wind that lifted those innocent girls dress and that becomes epitome of obscenity! Wow Epic. Guess the transgressor is that same wind that lifted innocent girls skirt all around the world, and men have to admire it! WOW I’m happy until that don’t happen very often in India. And yea that happens to women film actress a lot, not only to the upper clothes but the lower too!
    And lets call it “Wardrobe Malfunction”
    those women are soo innocent, some even revealed more icky in midi without panty. Come on yaar those women can’t even imagine that it could happen, they are innocent like two year old baby! Grow up Indian men..:P

    And for those smart ladies that demands apology, you got it right a way from The High Court – Women in Saree, Half saree, Chudithar(No shirt, t shirt, leggings, skirt, jeans and shorts) with fully covered UPPER cloth. And Men in Pant, Shirt, Paijama(No t shirt, jeans and shorts),Dhoti. Will be allowed inside the Temple. No men apposed this order in fact all welcomed it, not cuz we odium jeans but don’t have to leer those icky sized b***s and bu**S at least in the Temples! And no men protested or demanded for the freedom to wear t shirt/jean/shorts, we knew the truth and respect our values, so we don’t snarl like women do!

  9. Good you DELETED my comment, good for you! This shows how gritty you are, and you proved that you can fiery only in your bubble tub and not in the Real World. If you can’t digest the truth you itself DELETE your “A Sincere Apology if you think that Leggings are an abuse of Indian culture..” that ll even better.

    Take care

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