He can’t possibly break my heart. Staring at uninterrupted nothings and smiling, just because.

Sweet-nothings, pounding anticipation and impulsive blushes. Waking up to a text from you and sleeping to the sound of your voice. Racing heartbeats and occasional hand-holding. I am going to pretend that I like superhero movies.

I love being around you, the way your fresh scent reminds me of something so strikingly familiar.

I love the way you kiss me, I love the way I think it will be when you kiss me and I love your dimples. I would change nothing about you.   

I am going to laugh at all your silly jokes. I like your friends. I am totally fine if you want to hang out with your friends today. It is okay that you have not heard of Ayn Rand.

I love the tea you make. It doesn’t matter that I like it with milk and extra sugar. It is cute when you get angry. It is adorable how indecisive you are. You can pick the movie.

It’s almost been an hour since we spoke. Something must be wrong.Is that too clingy? Or, should I care more?

Thai-food over my usually greasy and comfortable burger and fries? I love trying new things. I want to keep talking to you for the rest of the night. You hang up. No, you hang up.

Stolen glances thrown your way and my weeks planned around our dates.I am going to stay up until you text me. And then, I am going to stay up as long as you text me.

I feel so awake, I barely slept last night.  I can’t stop talking to you. And then, I can’t stop talking about you.

I don’t know how long your love is going to make me spin like a little girl on a tea-cup ride.

But, until then, I am staring at uninterrupted nothings and smiling, just because.

Just because, it is the Honeymoon Phase!