Sometimes I wonder if there is any way to explain this at all. Long after stars gave way to overpowering sunlight, a hot sunny afternoon. There is nothing whimsical; sweaty palms and nervous small talk about nothing. No arms around my waist or foot-popping, but just pounding anticipation.

As you drew me closer, my heart gambled on a beat for I knew that this was the day I would reminisce about. Your lips brushed against mine quickly, the drum-roll, the excruciating pause as I stood there like a girl in front of her crush, waiting to be asked to prom.

And then your lips met mine again; this time longer, as if they had a life of their own. For most parts, a sweet long innocent kiss, but lines and boundaries dissolved in heat and passion as tongues met and hands slid. A soft breath near the neck and a nibble on the ears, you returned to my lips with frosty lust. As you pulled away, a sharp sting and mounting pain, just knowing that this flash cannot freeze in time.

Not every tiny detail is etched in my mind but an irrelevant nothing runs around relentlessly. Salted caramel popcorn camouflaged in mint and a little bit of you. The taste of our first kiss. Bittersweet.

Published by Nandhitha Hariharan

Fiercely feminist and Hopelessly romantic - I oscillate between writing about the world around me and articulating what is going in my head.

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