And this is why we will never be ready for love.

There will be that promotion we have been waiting for, the interview that scares us or maybe he already has a girlfriend. Love could be in another city while we are backpacking across the globe in wanderlust. We think we are too young to settle down or we are too old to fall in love.

“Right person, Wrong Time” we say quite often because timing is our asylum. We don’t have time for love right now because we have to be ambitious pursuing the job which we hope to give up “someday” for our passion.

We meditate saying that if Karma has not screwed us enough, her hasty sister timing will.   

For a generation which calls love complicated and claims to hate definitions, we have come up with way too many tags.  From flirt buddy to friends with benefits we secretly crave for an identity no matter how temporary it is. 

And this is why we will never be ready for love.

We live in a world where the only tangible distance between two people is a smartphone yet we are more often than not disconnected.  We crib about how love can never survive distance because it is too much to handle. And if we have love at arm’s length, we think it is suffocating and crave for some distance again.

We are the selfie generation and we don’t need another person even to take a photograph. Yet, we are also the generation who insta- freezes every moment of our life to seek validation from familiar strangers.

Our generation does not have to look for choice because it is at the tip of our fingernails. Falling in love for us is synonymous with giving up this very choice without which we don’t know how to live.

Even though we belong to the generation where toilet paper comes in five different fragrances, we still think that choice is always empowering.

And this is why we will never be ready for love.

 Maybe your terribly tiny tales are just two sentences long and you can make profound movies in less than three minutes, but believe me when I tell you that love is difficult for people like us who have the attention span of a drunk monkey and think that twenty minutes is a long time to wait for a pizza.

And this is why we will never be ready for love.

Sometimes signing up for love means signing up for days when you have nothing to say to each other. Love is neither an amusement park nor is your partner a trained circus elephant to constantly keep you entertained.

Love will sometimes be like having the latest gadget in your hand but having to play minesweeper over and over again because there is no Wi-Fi

It takes more than 140 characters to pen-down our real emotions and a sad smiley is not a grown-up apology. We belong to a generation where even a watch that represents something as timeless as time fancies the tagline “Move on”

And this is why we will never really be ready for love.

Maybe we should not be ready for love.

Maybe the greatest love stories of our generation will not have bloodshed, drama, long monologues and endless pining.

Maybe they will tell stories where someone sweeps us off our feet when we are glued to our tablets and rescues us burn-free from a Wi-fi hot spot.


But, that is just a chance we have to take.