I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you.

I grew up listening to Cinderella, Rapunzel and many other tales of happily ever after and believed that life would be perfect if I could wear a pretty dress and hold your gaze forever. These stories never told me that there will be misunderstandings, arguments, pain, tears and sometimes even goodbyes.

 When I grew up, I realized that glass slippers can in fact bruise your feet.  I also realized that men don’t give you stars in your eyes. That’s what Vodka is for.

I don’t want you to sweep me off my feet under the starlit skies.  Just hold my hand every now and then without me asking. You don’t have to cross mountains, lakes and sail the seven seas to hold my hand.

Once in a while, take a few steps from where you sit just to walk up to me and see if I am doing OK.

I don’t want to be rescued by you every time life is a bitch to me, because frankly, I can handle it. But, listen to me when I painfully describe every problem and forgive me if I don’t stop to ask for your opinion.

I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you because my life is already complete.

I am over the days when Disney made me stay awake with stars in my eyes waiting for a man to complete my life.

And life has taught me that first kisses don’t happen under a sparkling sky with firecrackers, but they are beautiful nevertheless. Just stay next to me, and I promise you will be a priority, just not my whole world.

I don’t want us to ride off together in the sunset, because I have a blackberry that beeps as much as yours does. When work is calling and life is nothing but a routine, let’s never forget to remind each other, there is still magic left.

I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you because even though I have kissed a few frogs and pigs before I met you, it is not the entire story. I have also kissed some very charming men before you and because memories are like untainted photographs that cannot be changed no matter what, they will always remain a very happy part of my life.

So, just don’t ask me too many questions about my past. At least, I am not Snow White and you don’t have to deal with me living in with seven dwarfs.

I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you because I am not a girl straight out of a fairy tale. My hair is not always perfect, I don’t sing to birds unless I am drunk and on the occasional times that I do hang out with my family/brother, I don’t set old women on fire.

But, once in a while, don’t forget to throw your arms around me and call me your princess because the truth is I am not completely over the Disney dream yet.

I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you because I don’t want you under my spell for the rest of our lives.

But as long as we are together, look into my eyes and give me your time, trust and love because that would be more powerful than any spell anyone ever cast.

I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you because I know i am not Rapunzel, The sleeping beauty or Cinderella

But remember that I brush my hair a little more when I step out to see you and nothing would be as magical as waking up to a kiss from you. And well, if you own a castle, we can probably do happily ever after. 

I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you because I am a big girl and I know that nobody can and should ever be made to promise forever.

I don’t want a fairy tale ending with you because in the world that we live in it is unlikely that our love is broken by stepmothers, curses or witches.

However, look into my eyes once , hold my hands gently and tell me that even many years from now our love story will never be reduced to a mere “We fell apart!”