Let yourself feel like a thirteen year old again. It takes you back to a time when “Flames” was a seal of compatibility.

Once in a while, have a crush on someone and don’t plan a wedding.  Smile a lot when you see them, enjoy the cartwheels that your heart does and cherish the times when you are at a loss for words. It is healthy!

Listen to the butterflies in your stomach and silence your brain for a while.  Odds are, you will make a fool of yourself, but what choice do we have in this troubled world?

Be vulnerable. Someone once told me that it is the only way out!

If life was a grocery store from which we could pick whatever we want, I know where I should go.However, life is more like a train that does not stop where you want to get down which is why you should throw that checklist away and look outside the window.

Let someone shatter your ego and watch it from a distance.Tell them something you cherished for a lifetime and hear them say “That is so…. stupid”.  Find out that they do not like the same things as you do and realize that you love their quirks anyway.

Because the only way to know how much you love sunshine tingling against your skin is to experience bitter cold, don’t be afraid of frost bites.Live fearlessly and come to terms with the fact that every experience is merely relative.

The complex webs that you weave are the very ones in which you are entangled. A bunch of bankers told me that the biggest risk you can ever take is simply not taking any risk. So go ahead and find someone who is trouble.

Enjoy being with someone who you love listening to, but fall in love with someone who you want to kiss in between every sentence.

If you find yourself asking questions like “How long should I know someone before I fall in love or is this simply lust”?, do yourself a favor and stop thinking.

Remember that in comparison to this enormous universe and the millions of people who live on it, our lives (despite what self-help books tell us), are a mere anomaly. Be modest, humble yourself and these decisions become a lot easier.

In the long run, it is very insignificant, what one insignificant person thinks of another, so don’t look around too much because you are afraid someone is watching.  Go ahead, hold hands, kiss someone, and fall in love with a glass of wine and a cozy book and maybe if they are still watching you, they will learn something.

Give people a chance over a cup of hot chocolate because everyone has a story to tell. You will probably hear only their favorite parts, but that’s good enough because life is too short to recite the difficult bits anyway.

If you are falling for someone, stalk them shamelessly, make sure you run into them in every corridor, be creepy and stare at them, memorize the story that their Facebook page tells you.  Don’t think about the last time you got hurt, because this is a first time altogether.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel about them. The best that can happen is that you fall in love with them over each sip of coffee.Be prepared to know that it could be the worst that happened too.  And so what if the worst happens?

If someone tells you that anything is okay as long as you learn something from it, laugh at them.  You don’t have to learn something from everything.  Most things are pointless, but it becomes beautiful when you savor the pointlessness.

So, what is the logic behind love?

Skeptics or scientists will name a hormone and artists will paint their canvas in colors only they understand.

If you ask me, I would say that there is no logic behind love as it is with most things.  It’s an emotion that at one point makes you believe that gravity is a fallacy and if you crash at some point, you realize that Newton was a smart cookie.

And because I am a writer, I believe that if you have a story to tell, it means that it was not so bad after all..