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Date a foodie. Date a guy who has problems deciding where to eat because there are too many places on the top of his head. Date a guy who has a list of things he wants to eat before he dies. There is no trouble identifying him because he is the one who keeps saying “We just have to try out that new place”. He is the one who will make plans for breakfast over dinner.

When you travel with him, you will fall in love with the world all over again. If you ask him what to do in Italy, don’t be surprised when he says that he wants to try layers of biscuits soaked in coffee flavors with whipped cream and macerated strawberries. If you probe a little further, he will come down to your level and say that you can have a slice of pizza, a bowl of pasta, a delicious dessert and cup of frothy hot milk.Talk to him about the food that makes your heart beat a little faster. Tell him that you prefer to go back to a little bit of amma’s homemade food every day and you will see that his eyes lights up quickly.

Date a guy who travels the world to find the most delicious food, but also knows that nothing can come close to home. This is the guy who will tell you stories about tequila flavored sorbet or the “oh-so-delicious” Thai curry with jasmine flavored rice.

Nevertheless, he will tell you that there is no substitute for crispy dosas polished off with tangy chutneys and a cup of freshly brewed filter coffee. He will talk about experimenting with international food but also tell you that no meal is complete without a pinch of mango pickle.

Date a guy who loves to eat because he likes his girls the same way he likes his food. Real and humble. And that is why he will talk to you in depth about lemon rice in a lunch box and thayir sadam with chilly and coriander. You can’t fool him with fancy facades because he knows what matters the most are the simple and down to earth flavors.

It is easy to date a guy who loves to eat.  Give him the gift of experience. Take him out to a roadside stall that sells the best momos ever and share a plate. Actually, buy him his own plate.   Take him to the terrace on a rainy day and cuddle next to him with a cup of freshly brewed filter coffee and a plate of crispy pakoras.

It is easy to fall in love with someone who loves food. He knows that just like food, not always will a relationship be perfect. He understands that a relationship is like eating a well-balanced thaali and that everything sweet, sour and bitter are part of the package! He will surprise you a lot because he knows that there is so much joy in finding just another almond pistachio on your kulfi.

Date a guy who likes to eat because he is mature and intense. Like a falooda filled with surprises, a lusciously layered lasagna or a dhansak dal with secret ingredients these guys are an enigma and will never fail to amaze.Date him because he also makes life simple. There is no ego that mint chocolate chip can’t break, no misunderstanding that parmesan cheese can’t fix and no broken heart that masala dosa can’t mend.

He will never ask a girl “Are you actually going to finish that” or raise his eyebrows when you reach out for another slice of pizza. You don’t have to feel shy and mumble things like “I am starving” or “Oh! I skipped lunch today”. You can eat as much as you want, and he will never tell you that it is not lady like.  Instead, he will buy you another plate and watch you with unmatched admiration.

Date a guy who loves to eat because they add flavors to life. Date him because he knows how to live and love life. Date him because six-packs and washboard abs are overrated. Date a guy who loves to eat, because you deserve it. Or better yet, date a guy who cooks.

P.S – This Blog post has been inspired from those who wrote about Date a  Girl Who Reads/ Writes and this is my take on why one should date someone who is a foodie!